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Hell yes, I’m on twitter 10. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Hm, i really should write more in here as I thougt. WordPress freaks me out sometimes, i have to find someting to make this easier and somebody who can design from my screenshots a banner or something.


An i write “something” way too much.


Got to hell, keyboard…my computer doesnt like you.


Little to do list:

-write more about wow

-write more about paladin in 3.2

-write something about Nimayne, wo is growimg too fast!



To start from behind:

about 1 year ago i transfered to another server, quite a small one  to play again in my recent guild.

I have played in this guild on alliance site at another server back in 2006. A year ago i created a little shaman, called Nimayne. Now Nimayne has slept a long time and is back to shock the house…okay, bad joke.

Normally I play a ret paladin and a priest.

 But as I stopped raiding 1 week ago because of some private stuff I’m givin my little troll girl a chance to show what she can do.


And I have to update the screen i did yesterday when I’m at home…


maybe in a week this page will be a little more…ready.


So far maaaaaaan,




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