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Random things 13. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Good morning!

As it is monday an my system at work doesn’t work right now…


I brought Nimayne up to level 56, nearly 57. Playing shaman as enhancer is fun, but at 60 i want to try elemental as well. I hav not healed with her yet, I’m a bit stuck on that healing thing. I’ve healed with Feather, with Sheitan…think that’s enough.

I’m bored about playing paladin at the moment, so with raiding. I think I was that what you call a raider (not Ensidia-Style) but nearly 5 days/week I went to Ulduar, to down Yogg-Saron.

So, I guess I got bored about doing this, time to find back the pleasure ingame and continue some alt.

Nimayne is the highest (active) alt i have. And yes, it’s fun.

Feather still does the cooking and fishing dailies. I want to keep her as main char and bring her higher with the next patch. Back to raiding, but not in the way I did.

My server is a strange server sometimes. You CAN find the best groups when you PUG. I went to the temple (so called in english) at 51 with a group. We had a real def tank…a prot warrior with his holy priest friend. Nobody died, nobodys threat was over the tank. Awesome!

Still I find groups for heroic instances or raids on level 80 who play like they’ve never touched a keyboard before.

Where your hearthstone cries an whines and wants to be used.


Do you ever hab PUGs like this? Bad or good?



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