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Nimayne speaks 15. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Hi there, shaman trainer!

It’s me…again! I got 61 abot half an hour ago. Now I want to learn something about the skilltree called elemental. Yes, undo that weird enhancer specc, yes I will pay you 40…WHAT…fourty GOLD?! You are kidding me, aren’t you?


Okay, 40 gold for you…wth do you do with that money? going on vacancy? buying some new house in the barrens?


I’m nothing  right now…should have been looking for ele specc a bit earlier.

Let’s put this here…and there. Oh, that sounds nice as well.

(about an hour later)


Yes, im elemental shaman…I’m wearing blues and greens…and even these nice cloth robe fits well.

Sincerely yours, Nimayne



Note to myself: Look where you put talent point so you don’t have to respecc 5 times or even more.



1. Tamarind - 16. July 2009

Those damn trainers, I’m sure it’s a scam.

Maybe it’s the cost of a course of hypnotherapy in order to forget everything you’ve previously learned.

And you wouldn’t want a house in The Barrens – your front garden would be full of ganked noobs and chickens.

nimayne - 16. July 2009

Tell you!!!

They steal my gold, for shure!

2. theerivs - 16. July 2009

Man I’ve been there done that, where I accidentally put a point somewhere, and had to respec again, and pay again. I think I could of bought a mammoth by now.

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