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Feather asks 17. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.


May I introduce myself?

My name is Feather, bloodelvish paladin, loving her pretty-plate-skirt-big-axe-damage.

Yes, I’m a retradin, no, not a retardin.

I was wandering through Naxx, Ulduar, sartharion an even the blue bitch malygos who still doens’t give me any loot.

I’m kind of Nimayne’s older sister…only kind of because…well, she’s a troll with blue skin, big teeth and damn big feet.

I’m thinking about going back to Ulduar, having a little revenge with the Ol’One Mr. Tentacle…

If I decide to go there I will have a look about a raiding paladin in a raiding guild and a travelling-leveling shaman.

Just to have more than one point of view in here.

So far, Feather

PS: Freya…you’re a bitch! Still hate you since the very first moment.



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