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Nimayne speaks – to a shield 22. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear non-existing shield,

I’m a shaman, you realised that, right?

I’m a casting shaman. One of those pew-pew-lightningbolt-spamming shamans.

I’m supposed to wear a shield on my back, no staff, no offhand-item, a shield!

I earned wired looks because of you, dear shield.

I really like you, I carry ypu since level 59.

But please…do you have any bigger sister I could take…12 spelldamage is not thaaaat much at level 70!


Frustrated looking at her back,




Dear goldseller on my server,

NO, to hell with you, I DON’T want to buy any gold from you.

I’m getting mad when I’m just on for a few minutes and you spam me like 4 times in ten minutes.

You suck, okay?


Sorry for the rude language,




1. Tamarind - 22. July 2009

Your letters to random bits of Azeroth never fail to amuse me. It does keep making me want to reply…

Dear Nim,

I can’t believe you want to break up with me, I can’t believe you want to get it on with my big sister and I can’t believe you’re telling me this in a letter What kind of monster are you? After all we’ve been through together. I know we have our differences, I know I’m not that useful for a spellcasting shaman but it takes two to tango. You picked me up. I didn’t just miraculously land on your back like some weird, damage-blocking stalker.

No love,
Your shield.

2. nimayne - 22. July 2009

Dear shield,

old love never rusts you say in here.
Damn it…you are rusted. You see the point in here? You would have not been rusted if there would be love from your side.
I carried you through all the way, not you me.
And to keep you you should’ve shown some love to me!
So you didn’t. I won’t any more either.

Only hate,

3. Shy - 24. July 2009

Dear Nimayne,

I would like to apply for the position of shaman shield. I used to belong to a strong paladin, but I was whirled up by something that came along with a murmur.

He took me along to his lair, and I can now be found there. Do make sure to bring a few friends, but I would love to be yours.

Eagerly awaiting your arrival,

Silvermoon Crest Shield

nimayne - 24. July 2009

Dear shield!

Happy to hear you, really heappy.
I hope to find you tonight!

That would be really nice.


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