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Nimayne speaks – to shields, Murphy and Goblins 27. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear shield,

thank you for your application again, I think we fit really well now.

Happy to work with you,



PS: Took me more than 10 Level to get a new shield…is this normal?



Dear Murphy,

what about your ignore list? Still don’t want to put me on there?

I can be really annoying, I tell you. Just in case you didn’t know.

I wanted to talk to you about a shield, problem solved out (Thanks to Shy for the application!)


have you ever thought about the fact that shields, produced by a blacksmith are better than those in Drak’Tharon?

And tell the Prophet Tharon’ja he’s one ugly bird.

Still not yours,



Dear Goblins and Gnomes of K3,

what the hell is your toolbox doing in the middle of a goddamn minefield…

and how did you get out there alive?

Still licking her wounds,




1. Tamarind - 27. July 2009

Salutations Nimayne,

I used my patented Gnomomatic Minefield Transversimification Device. Obviously. Unfortunately, on egress from aforementioned minefield, there was a mis-calibration of the amputation facilitation doohickey which, in turn, led to the discombulation of the combulation wossname and the Gnomoatic Minefield Transversimification Device was rendered temporarily, I assure you temporarily well … I hesitate to use the word “useless” … shall we say usefulness-challenged.

On embarking upon a repair effort, I was recalled to the fact that during the initial experiment I had absent-mindedly abandoned my toolbox in the middle of the minefield.

Hence my asking you to retrieve for me. For which I am duly grateful. Also you are performing an invaluable service to science.

I fully expect the the Gnomoatic Minefield Transversimification Device to be available to all in need any … year … now.

With kindest regards,

nimayne - 27. July 2009

Dear Gnome,

absent-minded is well said.
Please don’t leave your tollbox there anymore.

I will check this again these days.

Sincerely yours,
angry shaman

2. Shy - 27. July 2009


One cannot chose how one is born. It is only up to the highest gods to decide which appearance one is given upon entering this world.

Alas, I was not blessed with ‘studlike features’, but I can assure you that character makes up for it. Perhaps we could meet up for diner once and I can show you how one’s inner self can be as attractive?


Prophet Tharon’Ja

nimayne - 27. July 2009

Dear Prophet,

i respect the fact that you are maybe a bit higher in life (even if you’re dead in fact) than my shamanistic apereance as a troll.
You might be much older than I’ll ever be, I respect that.

But…don’t take it personally…the thing with the dinnner….uhm…no, thank you.

I don’t think we have too much in common to speak about.
I would complain about shields and stuff…you would probabely moan about people killing you and then leaving you dead on the floor or even spitting on you.

So let’s just forget about this and go on our ways in life (in your case death).

I promise you one thing: we will meet again, featherless bird prohet!

Your Nimayne

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