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Nimayne speaks – to guilds, shields (again?!) and her first raid 29. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Guild,

I’m back! Fear my damage…not.

My hitrating is below everything else, I look funny in my blues and few purple things.

And…no I will still not play my paladin in Ulduar for the next days. Even if I stepped in Naxxramas, that does not mean I’m going to raid again 5 days/week.

Thanks for the fish,


PS: Yes, THAT’S a rant…


Dear shield,

I adore you.

That’s all,


(add screencshot at home here, dumbass)


Dear first raid,

Yes, my shoulders have spirit on them, yes even my cloak does.

I turned 80  two days ago, I’m not even supposed to be in a raid.

Thanks for that half-pug-half-guild-naxx-25-fun-raid last night,

haven’t hab so much fun in random raids for a long time.

Sincerely yours and see you on weekend,




1. Tamarind - 29. July 2009

Dear Nim,

I adore you too. I wish your old shield would stop sending me hate mail though. Do you think we could take out a restraining order?

Much love,
New Shield

nimayne - 29. July 2009

Dear new shield,

I will give you a spam filter for your mail-account and organise a blacksmith to melt the old shield so it will never disturb you again.
Are you okay with that?


2. theerivs - 29. July 2009

Dear Nim,

I have been lonely at the vendor ever since you sold me. For that New Shield. Remember the fun times we use to have. Remember the way you use to hold me, and I would protect you against those fierce dragon whelps.
I am not bitter. I hope you and your New Shield are having a great time. I wish the best for you, and I will always remember the good times.

Old Shield

nimayne - 30. July 2009

Dear old shield,

please stop harassing the new shield.
I hope for you oneday a new shaman or maybe even a Holy-Paladin will pass by and take you on HIS journey.

In memories,

3. theerivs - 30. July 2009

Dear Ms. Nimayne,

We regretfully found a suicide note next to a lava pit in Molten Core, and what appears to be one melted shield.

The note simply says,

” I love Nimayne, There will be no others”

Frankly it creeps me and the rest of my staff out. Please come by at once to pick up your garbage. We try to keep a clean Core around here. Any problems or questions, please contact my assistant Executus, and he will get with you as soon as possible….perhaps…too soon…..Thank you.

President of Molten Core.

P.S. By Fire Be Purged.

nimayne - 31. July 2009

Dear Ragnaros,

isn’t a shield supposed to…well…melt in your heat?
What’s going on with your fire? getting cold?

Ore are you and your staff planning to move over to Northrend like Kel’thuzad did?


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