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Nimayne speaks – about unusual things 10. August 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Shield,

since being reallly cool with the guys from Hodir I will give you a present:

I learned how to polish a helmet…I think this will work for you as well.

Nice an’ shiney *getting big eyes*

In love with her shield,



Dear PUGs,

best way to lear patience is going with you in some raids an finding out some shamans don’t understand that Grobbulus fight do NOT need dispelling the Mutagen-thing…wiping on him 7 times because of the fact your co-elemental-shaman-guy puts it everytime brings you a new view of what patience CAN mean.

But it really doen’t.

Don’t get me wrong, DPS was awesome, healer totally cool with their job.





Dear Guilddrama,

No, I do not want to discuss itemisation any more.

I know how to get the stuff I want without any discussion and blowing stuff in some as*** of trials.

Besides that: I know MP5 gems are not for elemetals…But rather put spellpower/MP5-gems in my gear which I got in my bank than doing nothing in it for weeks.

Got that?

Just my two cent,

angry shaman


Dear work,

you are really keeping me busy with completely crazy things.


WTB one normal day in work.

Havin’ real life,




1. theerivs - 10. August 2009

Abnormal day at work is always better then a normal day unemployed getting no money in my book.

Shamans get angry? I thought they were a bunch of tree hugging, totempole playing, hippies.

Hmm learn something new everyday. We Mages are an angry sort, so we know all about that.

nimayne - 11. August 2009

Naaaaaaaah, tree-hugger are nightelves. totempole playing…i have to admit…yeeeeeeaaaah…sometimes.
But yes, obviously we can get pretty angry.

And you’re right…being unemployed is not a goal in life…but sometimes my work overexaggerates…a bit…too much.

2. warlockidiot! - 11. August 2009

I don’t know if other shamans can get angry, but THIS one does! And gets me by rotted warlock-balls every day…

But i love it. 🙂

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