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Nimayne speaks – to herself 12. August 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Nimayne,

things you have to do:

  • find time for longer posts
  • update these screenshots
  • work on layout (damn WP for that)
  • l2addon!

That’s all,

voice number 8 in your head



1. theerivs - 12. August 2009

The great thing about insanity, you are quite unaware that you are insane. Other people might know, but your oblivious to that fact.

warlockidiot! - 13. August 2009

But very interesting to see, Nimayne’s voice-in-head no. 8 knows who it is. Normally that shouldn’t be, because this voice is part of Nimayne’s insanity and shouldn’t know that it is only a voice…

damn i’m talking some serious crap today…

nimayne - 13. August 2009

well riv, problem is: i know i’m insane…what do i do now? 😦

@warlickidiot!: today? 😉

theerivs - 14. August 2009

If you know your insane, then just sit back and enjoy the ride.

2. warlockidiot! - 14. August 2009

❤ 😀

3. Tamarind - 15. August 2009

Dear Nim


Love Nim

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