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Nimayne speaks – to crusaders, second speccs and guilds 24. August 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear ppl at Argent Turnament,

I know, it’s not funny standing there and telling people every day what to do…but WTF invented this flying-throwing-spears-on-big-monsters-thing?

The Hippogryph looks nice and sweet…but it allwasy seems to fly away when Big Mama comes out of the water…maybe it’s scared. Big Mama doesn’t look really nice…


Just one more thing: I’ve to kill Jormungars to get their “eggs”…are we talking about eggs or “eggs”?





Dear second specc,





Dear guild,

I know I can be annoying as hell…but why in hell do you argue about things that could be solved out sooo easily?

Is it the weather?

Or do upcoming worgen and goblins turn your mind twisted?

Scratching her had,

even more confused shaman



Dear Nimayne,

you suck at healing.

Your Recount



1. warlockidot! - 24. August 2009

I like worgen. I think they’ll burn pretty good.

And stealin a mans eggs is not funny! Not even from a Jormungar!!

2. theerivs - 25. August 2009

Actually Worgen look interesting, it may get back to the alliance side…maybe.

3. nimayne - 26. August 2009

I will defenitely try them out, riv.

Not going back alliance side, but trying one out, see start quests and stuff like that:)

4. theerivs - 2. September 2009

I miss me some Nimayne, hope everything going ok?

5. nimayne - 3. September 2009

busy shaman working:)

no worry, Ill be back soon.

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