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Nimayne speaks – to Yogg-Saron 17. September 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Yogg-Saron,

I have to admit…I miss you. I haven’t seen you for a while around.

Are you still fine?

Last thing I heard that you had this discussion with KT because of some upcoming pet.

I heared you weren’t really pleased about the rumor he gets fan articles and you don’t.


C’est la vie!

On the other hand….I mean, right now YOu are the real bad ass. Arthas isn’t there yet. And even if…HE is not an OLD GOD! And Anub’Arak…I mean, come on. He’s a spider…bug…something creepy. But it didn’t take to long to slap him across his face.

There is this other thing…is it true that you and Freya…


Okay, I guess not.

But you’re really stressed…I guess maybe you should just ask Blizzard for longer maintainence to take a break. Close Ulduar for 2 days, go out, meet a woman, have some fun.

If you don’t like Freya…or Auriaya. Go and ask Onyxia out. She is not as old as you but still in shape.

I heared she is going to have her comeback soon!

Naaaaaaa, Neltharion is not going to mess with that, he’s on vacation anyway.

Coming back next year.

If you want, I get some applications for you. Maybe not from Onyxia, but there are other females around….and feeling the mighty of an Old God is attractive for a lot of them.


Have a nice day, hope to see you around,




1. Tamarind - 17. September 2009

Dear Nim,

(They are coming for you… ) Thanks so much for the letter. It’s really kind of you to think of me. Being known as ‘the forgotten one’ is totally a bummer when you’re trying to put yourself out there and meet more girls (You are a pawn of forces unseen… ). So, yeah, me and Freya. I thought she was really into me. I thought we had a genuine connection there. But, no, evidently not. Guess that’s that then. (Kill them all… before they kill you… ) Sigh. I’ve gotta say, Nim, I’m feeling really down at the moment. It’s pretty lonely being an old god. (Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends… ) You’re right, though, Onxyia’s kind of hot. But all those whelps. I’m not really a family man, y’know? (It WAS your fault..) I’m still young for an ancient one, I want to play the field, have some laughs, I don’t want to be in all night every night tending the whelp eggs.

Say … you’re a girl. You think I’m bad-ass. Are you seeing anyone at the moment? We could, you know, get together some time, kill some slaves to saronites, drive a couple of PCs mad. Whadya think? (Give in to your fear… ).

Yours hopefully,

PS All that you know will fade. You will be alone in the end. Trust is your weakness.

2. Phix - 1. October 2009

My my. I miss Yogg-saron too. It’s been a while since I see him. I miss his badass voice OMG.

Too busy spanking chubby Anub. :S

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