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Nimayne speaks – to random aggro people 8. October 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Guildmember,

we consider ourself as a raidguild.

So please behave like one.

Yes, I hate hardmodes sometimes…yes, ToGC is annoying as hell…yes, it is supposed to be hard.


But please: DO NOT STAND IN THE FU**** FIRE!!!!

Shaman with rage bar


Dear Mr. Heroic-daily-quest-NPC,

it must be fun standing here all day, talking to 80% of the server population.

At least you see more people than anybody else.

But do you mind giving at least some better quests than killing Eregos.

Don’t get me worng, but…the guy is annoying as hell.

Want still as much people visiting you every day?

So don’t let Eregos be killed every time…invent something new.





1. Tamarind - 8. October 2009

Dear Nim

It is not fun. It is terribly boring.

So my revenge is making you kill Eregos.

Suffer well.

Archmage Lan’dalock

2. Phix - 8. October 2009

But Nimayne! Fire looks pretty! -stands on it-

3. nimayne - 8. October 2009

Dear Archmage,

Stop sending people to me.
They use my children against me, making them suffer killing their father.

This is pure violence of you arrogant mages in Dalaran!

Stop messing with the magic!

Extraordinary angry,

Dear Random-dying-in-fire,

Fire, Voidzones, Green-red-blue-violet-black-yellow-colored stuff underneath your goddamn@!”$%&/&% feet is BAD!

Stop blaming your heal!

Society of protecting healer’s rights

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