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Nimayne speaks – out in the cold 20. July 2009

Posted by nimayne in World of warcraft.

Dear Zeppelin to Howling Fjord!

I know you do this every day, every hour…but it seems that you are allways there when I leave Undercity.

And you are allways gone when I’m at the top of the tower.

I couls swear that Murphy has something to do with this.

Frustrated by waiting,




Dear Murphy!

Your law might be older than menkind, you might be allways right, but can I ask you something?

Do you have an ignore list?

PLEASE put me on there.

Thanks, Nimayne


Dear druid tank in Utgard Keep,

if you invite someone to a group and you’re looking for heal, then don’t take me.

I was in LFG-tool as damage dealer…

And don’t call me idiot when I tell you that you shouldn’t invite me as healer.

Thanks to the rogue who changed to his paladin.

sincerely NOT yours,



Dear Lord Keleseth,


In deep hate,


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1. Tamarind - 20. July 2009

Dear Nimayme

I am sorry for my troublesome nature but I hope you can take some comfort in the fact I do it to everyone. I suggest you study up on zen philosophy and enjoy the view. Or take up a hobby while you wait. Have you thought of scrapbooking?

Love ‘n’ hugs
Zeppelin to Howling Fjord

2. nimayne - 20. July 2009

Dear Zeppelin to Howling Fjord

Thanks for the advice of scrapbooking. If I draw a giraffe it looks like a labrat.
Any other advices, please?

Still tired by waiting but thinking about zen philosophy

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